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15.04.2020 06:46 - The participant's goal within poe currency
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After all, just click the Activate button. Through which you may input the map after some seconds, portals will be generated. It"s worth recalling that each passing on the map will reestablish the hero to his hideout and close 1 portal site - after all them are closed, you will no longer be able to come back to the map.

The participant"s goal within the map is to clear it of enemies, and also to achieve the ultimate, unique enemy. At the first visit to the map, you may also complete an extra task, which is needed to progress to the rest of the Atlas - about which in a moment. After all enemies are killed, you may easily return to the hideout and take on another challenge. But, single maps are just the germ of the total Atlas mechanics - that one grows as you break through following maps and perform optional tasks.

From the opened window you will find the entire Atlas map. Because they are found since the new areas are cleared initially, there is not much information here. The screen is divided into several components:

Paths resulting in places that are new - by clearing a single map and completing the task there, we find another place. By way of example, after completing the Museum, you will unlock access to the Vaal Pyramid - from this instant, while exploring the maps, we"ll have the ability to acquire a map for this place.

Inventory - in this portion you"ll find things that were exceptional called Watchstones. the map regions have attributes, They"re utilized to alter components of this Atlas.

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