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13.04.2020 06:10 - But they played nba 2k20 mt
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But they played nba 2k20 mt. This year"s edition of NBA 2K was going to be a gamechanger, as a result of artificial intelligence and its updated engine, and of course the WNBA"s addition. But thanks to this wild NBA offseason that saw a range of players abandon pair-up and their posts on different teams, NBA 2K20 appears different to every instalment of the hit video game series that came before.

Jk but we are deadly serious. However that"s not enough of a shake-up for you. Perhaps you want to find every big name player--such as those locked down with max contracts--make shifts that are more surprising. You can do that with NBA 2K20"s MyLeague attribute, which allows you to build and play simulate a literary NBA season.

Therefore, if you"re not entirely happy with, say, the current Philadelphia 76ers line-up, you are able to make the kind of power-moves usually confined to those GMs. Find out how below. This game has been previewed so all screenshots below correspond to the PlayStation experience. It applies to Xbox One. We"re perfectly satisfied with the 76ers line-up, but that is who we"re making an example of under.

You can really only do so mode, so select that in the home page. You"ll see Team Status, Social Networking, Trading Block and Calendar in the navigation. Calendar is where you start playing/simulating for your own team and can watch the fixtures. But if you want to earn a roster change from the get-go, slide over to Trading Block, where you can set a target record, put some players picks up for offer, and place some untouchables.

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