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07.04.2020 05:54 - I am a huge PSO enthusiast. Between PSOv2
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I am a huge PSO enthusiast. Between PSOv2, PSO, and PSO Episodes I and II I"ve dumped thousands into this franchise. And while I"m excited for PSO2 finally coming into North America and now I don"t have any doubt it is an wonderful game that people can love it just sucks so much my entire life currently dictates that I really don"t have the free time required to play with a grindy MMO like this. 7 years ago I had the time, but not today. And my heart breaks. I get it chip away at it but I can not play it like I desire to.

Finally, I have seen folks waiting for it for over a decade and wishing it would come to PC and console... today it here lol, fuck, folks have been waiting for it so long even though I neverp layed it and don"t know exactly what Phantasy Star Online 2 is I am hyped to and can not wait to get it. Also, RIP all the people that played the original phantasy star online, wished for it to come to PC or Xbox NA and never got to see this happen.

What"s the player interaction like? Is it like monster hunter in which you see them player hubs, and on quest you simply see your celebration? Do you see these what not? Excited to play it. I never have an opportunity to play the first one with active servers, but my friend would always speak highly about it. The times I played with if the hosts on GameCube were long gone,. I"m a massive monster hunter fan though, but I only really need to see different players all about, and feel as though I"m in world with other people. I will not complain because I could play with others When it resembles MHW world. Have a good one everybody.

Oh man that was wonderful! They tied alot of the things which should have occurred on other areas in a single neat episode and also expounded on it. I"d even bet it was much better compared to how things was paced on Phantasy Star Online 2 story. And did I only see, that was a neat thing to put there, today I want to also see. I also love the mini backstory to get Gettemhart, hopefully more background to develop him and Shina more. This were packed, and address a few Phantasy Star Online 2 abandoned. Though one addition that might happen here which does not happen in match could be how Affin would impact Ulc"s death, he did have a crush on her. Theo"s hit hard as well, and we"ll certainly see him more in the next eps.

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