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23.03 04:53 - The ordinary RuneScape player never finds any superficial
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And of course, it being"ridiculous" is a reason there"s people who have the 0.1% greatest DPS on the market, since they can juggle that stuff on top of each other basic combat fundamental. The ordinary RuneScape player never finds any superficial optimization"pleasure" or"available". There is room for reward spaces such as maybe another ring"slot machine" that has some drawbacks, but a great deal of complaints 100% overlook the point and drops on those RuneScape players to stop complaining and get the most out of what they have in their foundation kit without even swaps.

Though that makes diminishing switch if this is true scape more persuasive. Truth is, 99% of those rs3 playerbase are playing on revo. Most RS RuneScape players now look at a stream of yours and say to themselves"wtf, 15-20 switches? Assuming flanking and ring switches are insignificant for dps growth, why don"t you get rid of the change scape related to them and allow skill expression be focused on matters that are meaningful such as planted feet and spellbook swap?

This is advantageous since 1) decreasing switch scape does make inventories and RuneScape game in general look neater and is attractive to the masses and 2) permit for the masses to actually try harder bosses without blaming switches leading to more purposeful improvement to fundamental dps rotation/understanding of boss mechanisms. Flanking and ring switch (along with additional superfluous switches) aren"t meaningful anyways so that just removed them out of the equation and keep the mechanisms which diffenciate a man like you vs a revo user.

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