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19.03 04:13 - in order to live or to buy Kamas Dofus Retro
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Each range of Vitality values corresponds to a certain degree of fretting: for instance, a Sacrier who is between 50% and 40% of their highest Vitality will probably be at Suffering 6.

This way, Sacriers will no longer have the ability to inflict huge damage or seriously reduce incoming harm while they have full Vitality; rather, they will have to take risks and take damage so as to get these bonuses, which better reflects the"berserker" fighting style that they"re supposed to possess. For Sacriers, Vitality hence becomes a resource in its own right - one that you"ll sometimes have to spend in order to violently finish off your enemies, and at times conserve in order to live or to protect your allies by using your own body as a shield.

So this new Suffering system will more effectively benefit Sacriers who expose themselves (eagerly!) To hurt, and a Sacrier on the brink of passing will be a hazard that enemies will find impossible to ignore. Within this system, Sacriers will naturally have more tools to handle their Vitality, such as self-injury spells and healing/health slide spells, which will naturally influence their insecurities in exactly the same time as their Vitality.

As mentioned previously, we have reworked Sacriers" elemental paths to make them exceptional and give each one its own identity and use. Here"s how they are organized:The Earth path serves as the melee tanking path, using a Lock bonus, an area-of-effect health steal, damage reduction and charms for near enemies or maintain them into close-combat range.The Fire path is the path for area-of-effect damage at short range, fine-tuned positioning, and bonuses to allies, such as healing or Power bonuses.The Water path is your route to counter enemies playing long range, using MP and RA reduction, spells without line of sight, spells for symmetrical teleportation of the caster, or area-of-effect attraction spells.

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